Almost three decades ago, Charles C. Mary, Jr., A physician in New Orleans, Louisiana, went into private practice after leaving the position of medical director of one of the largest hospitals in the United States - Charity Hospital of New Orleans. In addition to this he also held the position of the head of the health, education and welfare department of the state of Louisiana. It was not long after his departure from the political side of medicine that he discovered that the orthodox methodologies taught in medical school and traditional residencies did not always prove to be effective in the treatment of his patients.

Having had the opportunity to attend several lectures given by speakers such as Linus Pauling, holder of two Nobel prizes, and Frederick Klenner, M.D., a physician experienced in the treatment of disease with high doses of Vitamin C, Doctor Mary decided to apply some of the Vitamin regimens to his own patients. Much to his surprise, the patients who were given the high doses of Vitamin C responded rapidly compared to those who had been given antibiotics, either alone or in conjunction with the vitamin. That was thirty years ago.

Since then, well over 30 billion milligrams of Vitamin C have been given, intravenously, at the clinic. Not only does he recommend it for his patients, he has personal experience with the healing properties of ascorbic acid. In 1990 he developed colon cancer. Not wanting to go the traditional route of "cut, poison and burn", he decided to treat himself with mega-doses of ascorbic acid. Every day, for three months, he took 100,000 milligrams (100 grams) intravenously. Upon the persistence of his family and colleagues he agreed to have a resection of his colon after the vitamin therapy. Much to the astonishment of the surgical team and pathologists, his cancer was gone- visibly and microscopically.

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Countless cases of people told to go home and die by their doctors were treated and outlived their death sentences. Patients with all types of cancer - breast, lung, colon, prostate, pancreatic, kidney, leukemia, even metastatic cancer- can be helped with ascorbic acid. But it is not just the Vitamin C. At the clinic, we believe in a more wholistic philosophy. Medicine cannot be the only answer. We are complex organisms that require many different things to operate. What we eat, what we breathe, what we drink, how we feel, how we interact with each other, our spirituality- these things will not be separate. These are the core issues of health and wellness. There is no magic bullet. For those of us whose health is less than optimal, we need to remember that it took a while, occasionally many years, to reach the state of disrepair in which we reside. It may take some time to retrain the body- cell by cell- back into proper form and function.

In order to accomplish this we need to pay attention to the smallest detail. What is it that is inside of every one of those cells? That is the basis for vitamin and nutrition therapy- to replace the elements that have been lost from the intra-cellular millieu. However, as mentioned above, it is important not to lose sight of the entire picture. This is the reason that the general public has such great confusion regarding vitamins and vitamin therapy. So many different formulations are available. Multivitamins, minerals, individual supplements, protein drinks, nutrition bars- it can be very confusing. To make matters worse, when you ask your doctors, many of them throw up their hands or scoff at the idea of supplementation.

Why supplement?

Any physician who tells you that you do not need to take vitamins because you get them in your diet needs to do their homework. It is well known that the minerals in the topsoil of the United States have been depleted for quite some time. United States geological survey maps have shown that the magnesium content of the soil is practically nil. That would not mean as much if magnesium was not the second most abundant positive ion in the human body. For decades the Europeans have known about the beneficial effects of supplementing magnesium. About twenty-five years ago doctor Mary began to use magnesium in his practice for diagnoses ranging from heart disease to nerve damage. In order to follow the therapy, he tested the serum levels in all his patients. Subsequently, medicare sent letters to him stating that they would not pay for the testing being done because this was peculiar medicine. Believing in the therapy, he continued to treat and test patients, based on his clinical experience. Shortly after this the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) released an article exclaiming the wonderful benefits of magnesium therapy. Before long, there were many different companies offering magnesium in every way, shape and form. This is the hypocrisy of American medicine. Even if everyone ate the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, we would still fall exponentially shy of the optimal doses of nutrients required to remain immunologically ideal. This is the reason for supplementing.

Currently, at the Mary clinic, there are many patients with a vast array of diagnoses that are undergoing treatment. Following in the tradition of his father, as well as the tradition of those before him, Charles C. Mary III, or "Dr. Chuck" as his patients call him, continues to apply the theories and practices that have proven to improve the immunological status of the human being.

Dr. Chuck Mary

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